Monday Love

Good morning and Happy Monday!

What are you thankful for today? I am thankful to not only be working, but working with many wonderful people!

My weekend was not as relaxing as I had hoped, but I did manage to get some painting done. I started a new project, first time a fail but that is okay I will be doing round two this next Saturday. Have a great week and let the sun shine on your day!

Psychedelic Giraffe by Robin Moreau

For You

Happy Friday!

A client bought my staff a coffee gift card for all the hard work they do. Early morning coffee requires handling with care.

Being kind to each other goes much further in this world today than being a jerk! Tell someone thank you, or how much they are appreciated.

Have a great weekend and buckle up your latte!

Image by Robin Moreau

Truffle Me This

Good morning!

I hope your morning is full of happy thoughts, grateful prayers and kind words.

Yesterday afternoon it was dumping snow here in the PNW but at least at my home, it wasn’t sticking much. But wet, melted snow means a thin layer of ice to consider.

What to do when stuck indoors? I didn’t do much! I read a little bit, played a game, looked at Pinterest and made peanut butter truffles.

My truffles are such a hit that I was thinking I should start sending them out randomly to friends. Of course it would require a bit of planning but I could probably manage it.

Who doesn’t like getting gifts in the mail? I would plan to send a box of truffles with a small piece of artwork!

Giving to others makes me happy. It is one thing I truly enjoy doing and I never expect anything in return. By giving, no matter what it may be, can impact someone at that very moment. Sometimes you never know what a person is going through. Small tokens of kind words and or gifts can lift a person’s spirit up.

Enjoy your day today, even if it is filled with many “nothings”.

Image by Robin Moreau

Smile, or Not

My dogs are quite the funny characters in their senior ages.

All I wanted was an image for my work website with the three of us. My big dog would not behave making random faces to avoid sitting still.

Image by Robin Moreau

She despises getting her picture taken. She will do anything to avoid the camera.

Image by Robin Moreau

At one point I thought I could reason with her.

Image by Robin Moreau

But needless to say it didn’t work to my advantage. She used to take wonderful pictures when she was a pup. She would sit so still as though she was being painted for a portrait. Maybe she doesn’t like her gray hair?

Image by Robin Moreau

I can’t help but laugh at her silly responses. When she had enough of me she thought she’d distract me further by kisses.

Image by Robin Moreau

I think pets are put on this earth to keep us humans filled with love and humor. Especially in those serious moments.

Pretty Little Bitters

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m dreading the day. I admit I love the pink, reds and white glittered hearts, but the intent behind it I don’t like.

The true Valentine’s Day is not about love. I won’t start a discussion about it nor a history lesson because I really don’t care.

The reason why I don’t like Valentine’s Day is because it gives false feelings and actions to the commercialized “holiday”.

Overspending on dinner and the need to make reservations in advance. The hundreds of dollars spent on flowers when the day before a bouquet was only twenty.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good, thoughtful dinner and fresh flowers, but this year will be the first year where there has been an adjustment in my relationship of almost 30 years that I’m still choking on.

I believe that a person in a committed relationship should tell and show each other their love throughout the year and not save it up for one day because the calendar states it so.

Yes I’m bitter. And I pray not to be and I am truly trying. But I feel every day is like practicing for a marathon that I am always just shy of winning. Never good enough to compete. Why do I continue when the torch will never flame again?

In the meantime, I indulge in lasting watercolor flowers. Ones laced in pretty pinks, reds and lavenders. I show my love through my art and pass it to those to brighten their day.

Because that is love.

1, 2, 3, Repeat

Almost every day I am reading posts about how to better organize my office, files, desk….life. There are great suggestions out there but I never can secure at least one to my benefit.

So how does one organize chaos? When I first started my job as Hospital Manager I was completely overwhelmed. The desk and chair was not ergonomically correct for me, the files were not appropriately in order that even remotely made any sense, and the accounts receivable were…and still are a mess.

The more I dig, the more I find.

Deep breath.

However, as overwhelmed I have been with swimming in this chaos, I have seen the shore. It may not be exactly where I was expecting to go, but it is progress.

At least I have a new chair. I do have a new desk but it is still boxed up because the office is being remodeled. Yes, throw a remodel into the mix!

I feel like I’m spinning right now, and 15 minutes of success in a ten hour day does not feel like progress.

So I continue to swim, coming up for air occasionally, while flailing my arms through these murky waters. I will get there.

In the meantime, I keep researching for best organization practices. If anyone can provide insight, I will be ever so grateful.

If I could just look at my work world like I do my art world, I am sure I’d be far more organized and be able to complete the chaos in a moments time.

In the meantime, I will just continue and continue and continue…

To be continued…

Art by Robin Moreau

It is Well

I am reminded this morning as I sit with my warm blanket, the fireplace and heater on, how thankful I am for my home.

This past weekend as I went to the grocery store in the early morning, it was 27 degrees outside. As I approached the entry doors, there was a young homeless man sitting on the sidewalk.

It was clear he wasn’t in his right frame of mind as he chattered away and laughed with the invisible friend next to him.

I carried on into the store and bought what I needed. Before I headed out, I stopped at the coffee stand purchased a large coffee, added a bit of cream and grabbed some sugar packets.

It was so cold outside.

I approached the young man and asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. He appeared stunned. I asked him again. He slowly said yes.

As I handed the coffee to him, we locked eyes for just a brief moment. He thanked me, his voice hoarse.

He was quite the handsome young man and what I noticed about him, that struck me so odd, is he had beautiful white teeth. He had a lovely smile.

As I walked away, I looked back once, and noticed he was watching me, smiling. Before I got into the car, I looked at him again, and he was still smiling.

My heart saddened and I wondered what his story was.

I also noticed a middle-aged man was getting into his car. He looked at me and looked at the homeless man and back at me again.

He looked at me with disgust.

I got into my car and noticed the man as he was backing out of his parking spot, he kept staring at the homeless man and then back at me.

Pursed lips.

Maybe the look of disgust was his regular face? I don’t know but it made me angry as I thought to myself, “think what you will, but kindness goes a long way”

Hopefully the middle-aged man will pay it forward.

I don’t know if the homeless man comprehended the hot cup of coffee, as he continued his conversation with his invisible friend, after I had gotten into the car.

I hope the young man finds warmth as I sit here this morning snuggled with my blanket, my dogs and the glow of the fireplace and hum of the heater.

I am grateful, I am thankful.

I will continue to show kindness. And even though some may not notice, or comprehend it, deep down I feel love and content.

One minuscule act of kindness to another.

Potentially unnoticed.

Potentially paid forward.

Image by Robin Moreau

Within Us

Why does the pursuit of happiness devalue our surrounding environment?

I spent the weekend doing some significant self care. I spent the morning decluttering my closet, rearranging furniture in my studio, and spent the afternoon in the salon chatting with my hairdresser.

I came home, made dinner, went for a walk with my husband, watched a French film.

I felt the need to paint something pink, something pretty.

What I really wanted to do was buy some pretties. Pretty lingerie, in particular but I didn’t because I would have defeated the purpose of decluttering my closet.

Yet after all of this, I find myself crying this morning while drinking a cup of coffee. Crying over mixed feelings about the impact of a significant event that happened personally back in September.

I just…can’t…let…it…go.

What does this even mean? I pray and I seek positivity by helping others, by showing random acts of kindness, yet when I’m home I’m unsettled.

I pace. I pace like an animal right before an earthquake happens. It’s my gut instinct…something is still “off” and I don’t like this feeling. I am waiting for the carpet to be ripped out from underneath my feet.

So I paint, I work long hours and I pray. Keeping myself busy so I won’t have time to think.

And here I am.

Mixed Media – Painting by Robin Moreau

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday. This is has been a long week although the week has flown by quicker than I had imagined.

One thing I have discovered this week is how many people are depressed, angry, and just outright mean. I have never met so many people over the past week who are simply nasty.

There is no need for it.

I maintain my composure. I smile. I am empathetic.

Blame it on the pandemic, or blame it on there own miserable lives. Either way, it is unacceptable the behaviors I am encountering.

This week I have made others angry, I have made others cry and I have made others thankful. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

This week I felt I was part boss, part counselor, part mother, to both my staff and the general public…and I am exhausted.

Be kind. I beg of you, be kind to one another.

We all may be in different boats in situations, but we are all in the same ocean and I realize the waters are choppy right now but that is not an excuse to treat another human poorly.

I hope this Friday is kind to you and spend sometime this weekend doing self care. You deserve it and remember to smile and be thankful.

Image by Robin Moreau