And in the End

Boy oh boy I never would have thought I would be so envious to get back to a normal life without the social distancing.

I’ve painted all weekend, watched Sunday Services at my church, read my daily Bible study, did laundry, and grazed Instagram. I feel very insignificant right now. It makes me rethink everything.

What to do. It’s my daughter’s birthday today and we can’t even celebrate together. I bake a cake for her because her older brother, who’s birthday is tomorrow believe it or not, insisted on it.

This is how the conversation went:

“Mom, you are going to bake her a cake and I will eat it in her honor and then tomorrow you will bake the other cake for me and I will eat it too”.

All I could say was, “oh really?”

“Yep!” He replied.

So the cake is baked and I sit here pondering what else to do with myself. Just the dog and I and she is not amused and my attempts to relieve my boredom.

Image by Robin Moreau

And here we are.

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