Minuscule Beauty

My husband and I walked the perimeter of Walmart last week, looking at the array of colorful plants. The only reason I agreed to go with him is we were going to look at plants. I’m not very fond of Walmart, and never have been.

He insisted we add some color to the yard, as we are filled with evergreens. I am not much on annuals or perennials, because they die so quickly after a short bloom. As we are walking through the garden center, I really started noticing the colors of flowers. They were a magnificent blend of brilliant colors, and those pale in color had intricate petals great and small. I was so intrigued, I took out my cell phone and starting taking pictures.

My husband just rolled his eyes.

When we arrived home, I scanned through my images and one particular one, stood out. So I decided to see if I could capture its beauty with my new 150 count Prismacolor pencils my husband recently purchased for me from Blick Art Materials. I was excited to start using them and this would be the perfect opportunity to truly see how I could capture their beauty.

How can something be so beautiful? God’s work amazes me, as we are surrounded by beauty no matter the season. “All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you” Song of Songs, 4:7. There are no flaws in these flowers, no dull colors. They perfectly hold their blooms high, stretching out of their pots, in hopes we will take notice. How could we not?

The gloom of the world today can weigh me down. But I have took note, with the flowers in bloom, the colors within my pencils, the pigment of the lead is pulled across the paper, I full heartily try to capture the essence of these flowers.

There is no match to the real beauty.

With love,


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