Poof be Gone

I sat out on the back porch yesterday after work with a glass of wine. I didn’t have the greatest day; well, it started out great, then I received an email that pretty much made my head spin off. But I tell you, I was proud of myself because as angry as I was, I stopped in the very moment and prayed.

I prayed asking for my energy not to be wasted on this email from this person. Tears filled my eyes but they did not fall! After a moment of sitting there in silence and text venting to my husband, I was overwhelmed by peace again and the last couple of work hours were satisfying.

I need to let God handle these situations more often. I can easily get so worked up on things and waste valuable time and energy. If that isn’t the devil beaming in the background! I will not be a miserable, complaining person. I refuse to do it and I’ve been working truly hard to maintain positivity in such negative times right now.

Like blowing on dandelions, praying sends those problems to God and let Him handle it. The next time you are feeling down, blow those problems up to God. He will give you the peace you need.

With love,


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