Life is full of surprises. I thought I knew myself pretty well until this pandemic came along. Apparently I didn’t know myself at all.

What have I learned from this pandemic?

1. Art appreciation. Yes, I have been drawing, painting and coloring more and I sure have missed it! Art is my meditation. Since working from home, the stress have driven me to open my creative mind again. I haven’t picked up a pencil in at least seven years.

2. I am a working woman. I love the hustle of work. Or do I? I have enjoyed being home too much! When I need to go into the office, which requires commuting, it makes me seriously cranky. I am thankful I can work from home, but now my mind is wandering to hopefully get remote work. Someday anyway.

3. I am thankful! Being home has forced me to be thankful with many things. I am thankful I’m still working. I am thankful for my health, my family’s health. I am thankful!

4. Grateful. I am grateful for the food I can find. Store shelves are still pretty sparse and I have many food allergies. I am grateful for the food I can find to eat. But I do miss bulk items like fresh ground peanuts for peanut butter and organic mixed nuts. Bulk items are not available where I am since the pandemic. They have been pulled for safety reasons.

5. Prayer. I have prayed far more and believe I am closer to God since the pandemic. I pray for the health of others and many other things. What I pray for most is to find a way to find peace with myself because Monday morning as the work week begins, my stomach is in knots, and I cry. I cry a lot. Maybe I am not the crazy hustle of a working woman like I thought I was. There is not much I can do about it, so I continue to pray.

The pandemic has changed my life in subtle ways. More so than what I have shared. My wants and needs have shifted and it’s amazing how that has transformed me. I have a different outlook on reality and myself. I wonder how many people out there have realized the same thing?

With love,


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