Then Sings My Soul

What is your favorite hymnal?

Yesterday I had been working in our backyard pulling weeds in preparation to plant more flowers, trees and bushes. I am trying to create a secluded sanctuary for my husband and I. He said to me, “it is pretty much there”, this was upon my request of a lush yard. I remarked, “not yet, I can still see my neighbors”. I want to forget the world when I enter my backyard and it is slowly getting there.

As I was pulling weeds, my favorite flowers, the rhododendrons are in full bloom and I noticed the bumblebees flourishing around the blooms. I ran in the house to grab my camera. On the fence line we’re these tiny golden finches singing their hearts out and in the pine tree, the hummingbirds too, were singing at the top of their tiny lungs.

It reminded me of how wonderful the little things Jesus provides for us that so many overlook. I always soak in the beauty of it because like the little finches and the little hummingbirds that surround our home, my heart too sings with joy. But not out loud because I was not blessed with a voice as pretty as those little birds and if I sang with joy, there would be no birds! Oh how I wish I could sing!

My joy is overwhelmed by all of the nature in our yard and brings the music of my favorite hymns:

1. Then Sings My Soul

2. How Great Thou Art

3. Amazing Grace

4. It Is Well With My Soul

5. The Old Rugged Cross

I captured the image of the bumblebees and later in the afternoon, I pulled out my colored pencils to try and capture the beauty I saw earlier in the day. A tiny 3×3 drawing of one of nature’s small species but bursting with beauty, and my soul was singing! I hope yours sings too with all the beauty Jesus provides.

Image by Robin Moreau

With love,


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