Centering Ourselves

Good morning on this beautiful Sunday! There is so much I am thankful for today and thought I would share.

Yesterday afternoon we drove to the city and and enjoyed a hamburger and fries. Well, mine was a lettuce wrapped burger, but it was still enjoyable. It is one of the places I can still eat despite all of of my food allergies.

I am thankful to be able to enjoy a hot meal with family.

An employee yesterday afternoon texted me a bio and image for website placement. It is a fantastic image with a great smile!

I am thankful to have a job and a great team to work with.

The small town I live in does not have a Target. After our dinner we stopped off at Target and browsed around. My how Target has changed! We picked up some espresso that we have been wanting to try.

This morning I am thankful for a hot cup of strong coffee to kick off my day.

My daughter came up this weekend to visit and after the drive home from the city, I was greeted by all three dogs, two of mine, who are very old. One a lab/boxer mix and the other a pug who both slowly waddle to me for loving and gentle kisses. The third dog is my daughter’s….a very young, very spry, very hyper toddler-age Catahoula brindle dog, who thinks he can herd me to the sofa by grasping my wrist only to cover me in sloppy kisses.

I am thankful to arrive in a warm home and be greeted with slobbery love.

Image by Robin Moreau

I am thankful to God for keeping my family and I healthy throughout this pandemic and safe from the rioting throughout the Nation.

I will continue to speak kind words and smile to those who surround me and to those I meet everyday.

Take some time to center yourself and remember what we are thankful for in a world of uncertainty and chaos. Take time to center yourself and heal from the day and allow self care, even if it is slobbery kisses. Be thankful.

I am thankful.

Image by Robin Moreau

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