Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday. This is has been a long week although the week has flown by quicker than I had imagined.

One thing I have discovered this week is how many people are depressed, angry, and just outright mean. I have never met so many people over the past week who are simply nasty.

There is no need for it.

I maintain my composure. I smile. I am empathetic.

Blame it on the pandemic, or blame it on there own miserable lives. Either way, it is unacceptable the behaviors I am encountering.

This week I have made others angry, I have made others cry and I have made others thankful. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

This week I felt I was part boss, part counselor, part mother, to both my staff and the general public…and I am exhausted.

Be kind. I beg of you, be kind to one another.

We all may be in different boats in situations, but we are all in the same ocean and I realize the waters are choppy right now but that is not an excuse to treat another human poorly.

I hope this Friday is kind to you and spend sometime this weekend doing self care. You deserve it and remember to smile and be thankful.

Image by Robin Moreau

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