It is Well

I am reminded this morning as I sit with my warm blanket, the fireplace and heater on, how thankful I am for my home.

This past weekend as I went to the grocery store in the early morning, it was 27 degrees outside. As I approached the entry doors, there was a young homeless man sitting on the sidewalk.

It was clear he wasn’t in his right frame of mind as he chattered away and laughed with the invisible friend next to him.

I carried on into the store and bought what I needed. Before I headed out, I stopped at the coffee stand purchased a large coffee, added a bit of cream and grabbed some sugar packets.

It was so cold outside.

I approached the young man and asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. He appeared stunned. I asked him again. He slowly said yes.

As I handed the coffee to him, we locked eyes for just a brief moment. He thanked me, his voice hoarse.

He was quite the handsome young man and what I noticed about him, that struck me so odd, is he had beautiful white teeth. He had a lovely smile.

As I walked away, I looked back once, and noticed he was watching me, smiling. Before I got into the car, I looked at him again, and he was still smiling.

My heart saddened and I wondered what his story was.

I also noticed a middle-aged man was getting into his car. He looked at me and looked at the homeless man and back at me again.

He looked at me with disgust.

I got into my car and noticed the man as he was backing out of his parking spot, he kept staring at the homeless man and then back at me.

Pursed lips.

Maybe the look of disgust was his regular face? I don’t know but it made me angry as I thought to myself, “think what you will, but kindness goes a long way”

Hopefully the middle-aged man will pay it forward.

I don’t know if the homeless man comprehended the hot cup of coffee, as he continued his conversation with his invisible friend, after I had gotten into the car.

I hope the young man finds warmth as I sit here this morning snuggled with my blanket, my dogs and the glow of the fireplace and hum of the heater.

I am grateful, I am thankful.

I will continue to show kindness. And even though some may not notice, or comprehend it, deep down I feel love and content.

One minuscule act of kindness to another.

Potentially unnoticed.

Potentially paid forward.

Image by Robin Moreau

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