Pretty Little Bitters

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m dreading the day. I admit I love the pink, reds and white glittered hearts, but the intent behind it I don’t like.

The true Valentine’s Day is not about love. I won’t start a discussion about it nor a history lesson because I really don’t care.

The reason why I don’t like Valentine’s Day is because it gives false feelings and actions to the commercialized “holiday”.

Overspending on dinner and the need to make reservations in advance. The hundreds of dollars spent on flowers when the day before a bouquet was only twenty.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good, thoughtful dinner and fresh flowers, but this year will be the first year where there has been an adjustment in my relationship of almost 30 years that I’m still choking on.

I believe that a person in a committed relationship should tell and show each other their love throughout the year and not save it up for one day because the calendar states it so.

Yes I’m bitter. And I pray not to be and I am truly trying. But I feel every day is like practicing for a marathon that I am always just shy of winning. Never good enough to compete. Why do I continue when the torch will never flame again?

In the meantime, I indulge in lasting watercolor flowers. Ones laced in pretty pinks, reds and lavenders. I show my love through my art and pass it to those to brighten their day.

Because that is love.

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