Smile, or Not

My dogs are quite the funny characters in their senior ages.

All I wanted was an image for my work website with the three of us. My big dog would not behave making random faces to avoid sitting still.

Image by Robin Moreau

She despises getting her picture taken. She will do anything to avoid the camera.

Image by Robin Moreau

At one point I thought I could reason with her.

Image by Robin Moreau

But needless to say it didn’t work to my advantage. She used to take wonderful pictures when she was a pup. She would sit so still as though she was being painted for a portrait. Maybe she doesn’t like her gray hair?

Image by Robin Moreau

I can’t help but laugh at her silly responses. When she had enough of me she thought she’d distract me further by kisses.

Image by Robin Moreau

I think pets are put on this earth to keep us humans filled with love and humor. Especially in those serious moments.

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