I am hearing many other Hospital Managers on the verge of burn out. I, myself am a Hospital Manager and know what the position entails and can empathize with colleagues.

The burnout feeling is real. All too real. I remind my staff, my colleagues and Doctors to pick and choose their battles. Fighting every little thing that gets thrown their way will drive them down a significant path to hell.

I’ve been there. Last year in the hands of another employer, at the beginning of the pandemic, I hit a wall and my head snapped off. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t breathe, I just simply uncontrollably sobbed and was placed on a mandatory 2 week vacation.

Out of those two weeks, it took me almost a full week to come down off my hell high and sleep a full nights sleep. The shaking stopped, the odd buzzing through my body stopped and I started my self recovery of reflection within my life.

My burnout was not the cause of being over worked. It was the cause of an emotional and physical drift into a world unknown. I had to work from home and a majority of my staff had to be laid off.

I was devastated.

My soul, my very life of being social and coaching and the buzz of the office and events were gone. I couldn’t handle it. My memory started slipping. I was lonely. Every conversation was through a computer screen.

After months of self reflection and looking into many positions, I landed the position back in a hospital environment. Two weeks in, my memory started coming back. I was sleeping again.

What I realized is that I am made to work amongst the organized chaos. I thrive in it. Every weekend is not long enough and every Friday I’m exhausted. But every Monday I am so happy to be back in the environment.

Know the signs of burnout and step back. Self-care is so important.

I hear you and others are watching. But it is you who makes the choices. I am asking that you choose self-care and take care of you. The battles will still continue upon your arrival, but you will be stronger.

Image by Robin Moreau

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