Let It Go

I am in a funk of this weird anxiety. Not the type of anxiety that has the “impending doom”, but the type of anxiety where clutter is overwhelming.

At work, we are preparing for reconstruction of the offices. I have my new desk and file cabinet waiting for use in another area, clutter is everywhere and it is causing me anxiety.

At home I feel I’m in this middle-age funk of my clothing is not satisfying, I don’t want to spend much time cooking and I have piles of paper clutter that needs shredding but my shredder broke and now the paper is overflowing.

If I was a person who smoked (I don’t because it’s disgusting) I would be smoking several packs by now.

Art by Robin Moreau

Every day I stare at my closet wanting to rid of many things but fear I may miss them. I have done this before and have had regrets. So I spend countless minutes on Pinterest trying to organize my overall life but never actually hold myself accountable.

Every day I stare at my tiny piles of clutter and mumble too myself “there is always tomorrow”. Then curse myself for acting like my mother.

Sigh. I need motivation. I need a plan. I need follow through.

I need….

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