About a month ago, I wrote the following but never published. What I can say now is Summer is officially here with days of high 70s. Take care of yourself, get out into the open nature and breathe the fresh air. Tune into what you hear and feel the calm blanket you.

Summer is here, but sadly we haven’t had too many warm days here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been overcast and raining for several days now.

La Push beach is just one of the many beaches my husband and I walk on. What I enjoy about La Push beach, is it feels as though you have traveled to the end of the earth. Other than the waves crashing on the beach and the wind whipping through your hair, this beach is a touch of serenity tucked in the depths of your soul. I took this picture several years ago and weather permitting, hope to visit again.

Although we have a beach within a mile or so from our home, the rain keeps me indoors in my studio with a glass of wine. I can only hope the weather will warm up soon, and my feet will find the soft, wet sand once again.