A Tree Named Carol

My sister sent me a text a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted her Ficus tree, Carol. My first initial thought was, you named you’re Ficus? But I happily accepted, “sure!” I’ll take Carol. I’m a sucker for plants, although I admit I hadn’t cared for an indoor plant in many years.

About a week later while I was at work, my sister texted me to let me know Carol had been delivered and was on the front porch.

Carol is huge!

Painting by Robin Moreau

I told my husband to bring Carol in and put her in my art studio as I thought that would be the best place for her. The room has bright, indirect light, just what a Ficus would want.

Apparently it was not.

Carol was too cold.

A couple of days later, I walked in to the studio to find leaves all over the floor. Not thinking much of it, I picked up the leaves. The next day, I came back into the studio to find even more leaves. I decided to text my sister.

“I don’t think Carol likes me”.

My sister asked if she was dropping leaves and if so, she was stressed from the move to my house.

My gosh, Carol is stressed? Trees get stressed? Am I missing something here? I have never heard of such a thing. My sister told me the best location of where I should place Carol in the house, but currently the Christmas tree was in that location so to the living area she went.

Carol didn’t like that room either.

Carol was going to end up back at my sister’s if she didn’t knock her attitude off.

After Christmas I moved Carol to the dining room. A few days later she seemed content. Finally she was happy!

Until my geriatric dog had an accident next to Carol when I was out running errands.

Carol was MAD.

She dropped so many leaves and I thought, did she know I would come home and be angry about the dog peeing on the floor? It was like she sensed it and it stressed her out.

The stupid thing is, I caught myself talking out loud to Carol, telling her I was mad too. I must be crazy!

My husband and I laughed about it later and I guess that even though Carol is a tree that stands quietly in the corner of the dining room, as with all living things, Carol has character. I have to at least appreciate that.

But when Carol is not happy, no one is happy.

Faith in Change

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

2 Corinthians 16:13

Change has been shifting the lives of us here on earth, and many of us are unsure of what the future holds.

As with myself, everyday I am reminded of change happening. Once I have learned to quickly, yet reluctantly adapt to the changes set before me, those changes swiftly shift again, and I am grasping for balance. Similar to waves crashing at my feet and the sands quickly move beneath me.

What I have learned amongst these rapid changes, is I must have faith; faith in myself, the choices I make, faith in others, and faith in God. If I don’t have faith to stand strong and trust in Him, I have nothing.

There is a nest in one of our pine trees that belongs to a Robin bird. I have been carefully monitoring this nest for over a week now. About a week ago, I peered in to find two of the three eggs with tiny puncture holes. The babies were on their way. A couple of days later I peered in again and to my surprise, not much had changed. The same holes had not grown any larger. As worry overwhelmed me that something may have been wrong, I was reminded to have faith in these little birds to have the strength to break free from their confined little compartments.

A few days later I was out in the yard and I could hear their tiny voices chirping for their mama. Overwhelmed by joy, a large smile came over my face. I knew they could do it!

Faith. Have faith.

A Little Sunshine

My colleague brought me an array of gorgeous spring flowers last week. I was struck by the kindness of this because it was completely unexpected.

As I was sitting in my office, she popped in and set the flowers on the desk. The conversation went like this:

I said to her, “oh pretty!”

“Those are for you!” She said.

“Wait, what? Why?” I had asked with surprise.

“Because you are so wonderful!” She replied.

“What? Why?” Again to my surprise, I called out to her as she walked to her office. She didn’t reply.

I yelled out so she could hear me, “THANK YOU!“

“YOU’RE WELCOME!” she called back.

A sweet gesture with no given reason. I hadn’t done anything special.

I brought my flowers home to enjoy them on my patio. I tried to capture the yellow pansies as the rain had come and gone so much that week, I had to draw them and bring the sunshine of those happy flowers indoors.

Image by Robin Moreau

I hope there is someone in your life that brings sunshine to your day. We all need a dose of sunshine in our lives!

With love,


Wonderful World

“God made all kinds of trees that grow out of the ground – trees that were pleasing to the eye” Genesis 2:9

Life is beautiful!

I’m struck by the beauty of Spring. The other evening, my husband took me to the local Home Depot to look at trees. I wanted a Japanese Maple to plant outside my art studio window. Another sanctuary I was hoping to create.

As we walked around, I saw a Dogwood. Oh the beauty of this tree! I couldn’t make up my mind now! We left Home Depot empty handed.

The next morning, over coffee, my husband said to me, “did you think about what tree you wanted?” I sat there a moment and then sheepishly said “both”. I knew the answer would be no. He never said anything, but changed the subject to some pavers he had seen.

We went back to Home Depot later that morning and he asked again what maple I wanted. Then he said to pick out a Dogwood, then he said he wanted an additional Dogwood!

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Three trees!

Image by Robin Moreau

Last night I dug a hole for my maple. Earlier my husband had planted the other two. The maple was going to be much harder, as that side of the yard had been neglected. Once I start a project I don’t know when to quit! I had to pull at the least, 10 feet of weeds and prepare the ground. Needless to say, this 46 year old body is unbelievably sore this morning!

There is still much too do, but when I am finished, this will be our little have and the view from my studio will create a peace I have been eagerly waiting for. As it fills in and has new growth, I will be surround by God’s beauty as the birds will enjoy their new playground.

With love,


Then Sings My Soul

What is your favorite hymnal?

Yesterday I had been working in our backyard pulling weeds in preparation to plant more flowers, trees and bushes. I am trying to create a secluded sanctuary for my husband and I. He said to me, “it is pretty much there”, this was upon my request of a lush yard. I remarked, “not yet, I can still see my neighbors”. I want to forget the world when I enter my backyard and it is slowly getting there.

As I was pulling weeds, my favorite flowers, the rhododendrons are in full bloom and I noticed the bumblebees flourishing around the blooms. I ran in the house to grab my camera. On the fence line we’re these tiny golden finches singing their hearts out and in the pine tree, the hummingbirds too, were singing at the top of their tiny lungs.

It reminded me of how wonderful the little things Jesus provides for us that so many overlook. I always soak in the beauty of it because like the little finches and the little hummingbirds that surround our home, my heart too sings with joy. But not out loud because I was not blessed with a voice as pretty as those little birds and if I sang with joy, there would be no birds! Oh how I wish I could sing!

My joy is overwhelmed by all of the nature in our yard and brings the music of my favorite hymns:

1. Then Sings My Soul

2. How Great Thou Art

3. Amazing Grace

4. It Is Well With My Soul

5. The Old Rugged Cross

I captured the image of the bumblebees and later in the afternoon, I pulled out my colored pencils to try and capture the beauty I saw earlier in the day. A tiny 3×3 drawing of one of nature’s small species but bursting with beauty, and my soul was singing! I hope yours sings too with all the beauty Jesus provides.

Image by Robin Moreau

With love,